Vallagarina: where nature, culture and taste meet together!

Visit the important international museums, like Mart of Rovereto. Discover the historical places and the memories of the First World War, like the Bell of the Peace. Go into the theater, into the historical buildings and into the churches. Don’t miss the reserves and the natural places, like the dinosaur footprints, the wineries and the medieval castles in the middle of vineyards, the terraced fields of Val di Gresta, the mountains and the protected areas, like the Natural Park of Monte Baldo.

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  • Rovereto e Vallagarina


    Rovereto and Vallagarina Welcome to Trentino! Rovereto, just north of Verona, has always been a cultural crossroad, a ring of connections between plains, mountains, Italian and German culture. The city is deeply rooted in the Venetian domination of the 15th century, in the institutions founded in the 1700s and in its excellent international museums, from the Mart to the War Museum. All around, the Vallagarina, welcomes you with a nearly unchanged landscape: the prestigious vineyards of valley, crossed by the Adige River, dominated by castles and dotted with villages of ancient origins, the Brentonico’s subalpine pastures in the Monte Baldo Park, Val di Gresta’s terraced fields, and the rocky peaks of the Piccole Dolomiti di Vallarsa.

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  • Museums

    Rovereto will amaze you with its international museums, between art, history and science. Stroll from the castle turrets to the Mart’s surprising dome. Take a journey among the collections of one of Italy’s oldest museums, then experience the emotion of meeting with a genius of Futurism. Walk in peace while reaching the Miravalle hill to hear the 100 tolls of the Maria Dolens. In the end, take the car or your bike and head to the villages of the Vallagarina. A world of local music, farming traditions, collecting and history awaits you.

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  • Castles

    The journey through the castles of Vallagarina is a fascinating itinerary between fortresses and ramparts, a unique opportunity to get to know the history of this valley, an ancient boundary line and has always been the passageway between Italia and Central Europe. Immersed in vineyards and located in strategic positions on both sides of the Adige River, the castles of Vallagarina offer you unique panoramas. We invite you to discover the history of the dramatic contentions and fascinating legends of these ancient medieval fortresses of Trentino.

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  • Historic sites

    In Vallagarina you are surrounded by two thousand years of history! From the Roman villa of Isera to medieval parishes scattered along the Via Claudia Augusta, from the vestiges of the Republic of Venice, that placed its furthest outpost for the Alps here, to the manor houses on the hills and the mountains that were the scene of the Great War. The old town centers of cities and villages tell of lives lived, of invasions, battles, philosophers and artists, of a civilization that went from rural to industrial, without forgetting its cultural origins that are rooted in the land of its birth.

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