The journey through the castles of Vallagarina is a fascinating itinerary between fortresses and ramparts, a unique opportunity to get to know the history of this valley, an ancient boundary line and has always been the passageway between Italia and Central Europe.

Immersed in vineyards and located in strategic positions on both sides of the Adige River, the castles of Vallagarina offer you unique panoramas. We invite you to discover the history of the dramatic contentions and fascinating legends of these ancient medieval fortresses of Trentino.

  • RoveretoRovereto Castle

    A place of memory in Trentino, location of the Italian War History Museum. Castello di Rovereto is one of the best examples of late-Medieval Alpine fortresses. Discover the defense towers with weapons, tunnels and the embrasures in the walls.

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  • Castello di Avio

    AvioSabbionara d’Avio Castle

    The ancient and evocative Property of the FAI (Fondo per Ambiente Italiano "National Trust of Italy") welcomes you to Trentino. Among the vineyards of Sabbionara d’Avio, the frescoes of the castle recount love, but also stories of war and episodes of battle.

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  • Castel Beseno_Daniele Lira

    BesenelloBeseno Castle

    Trentino's largest fortress. Castel Beseno, just 10 minutes from Rovereto, is a castle with strong defensive walls. Its strategic location atop a high hill offers a magnificent view of the Vallagarina.

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  • IseraCorno Castle

    A unique view from the Adige River to the Dolomites. Castel Corno (“Horn”) gets its name from the spur of the cliff on which it stands. Reaching it by foot is an enjoyable conquest!

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  • Castel Noarna - cantina vinicola

    NogaredoNoarna Castle

    Trentino vineyards and artisan wines in the castle of the witches. Admire the Michelangelo-school frescoes of the main stairway and of the winter garden, then enjoy the excellent wines of the “Castel Noarna” winery.

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  • CastellanoCastellano Castle

    Ancient episcopal estate in Trentino. Castello di Castellano is a fortified residence in a panoramic position, with a long wall which runs down the slope to the Watch Tower.

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  • Castel Pietra - Calliano

    CallianoPietra Castle

    Meeting point in Trentino on the ancient boundary line. Welcome to Castel Pietra, a corner of the Middle Ages, north of Rovereto. Discover the fortress that only Napoleon managed to conquer, and choose the castle for your special events.

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