Historic sites

In Vallagarina you are surrounded by two thousand years of history! From the Roman villa of Isera to medieval parishes scattered along the Via Claudia Augusta, from the vestiges of the Republic of Venice, that placed its furthest outpost for the Alps here, to the manor houses on the hills and the mountains that were the scene of the Great War. The old town centers of cities and villages tell of lives lived, of invasions, battles, philosophers and artists, of a civilization that went from rural to industrial, without forgetting its cultural origins that are rooted in the land of its birth.

  • Places of the Great War

    Along the front of the Great War, the Peace Path is today destination of a silent pilgrimage through forts, galleries, trenches, barracks, barbed wires and craters. The European people, that faced exactly on these mountains in a long stationing war, recall the memory of a tragedy in which sinks an authentic Peace vocation, that Rovereto symbolized in its great bell.

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  • TerragnoloAntica segheria veneziana

    The story of an entire valley that lived off of woods and timber. Rediscover the ancient crafts with the experts of Rovereto’s Civic Museum Foundation and approach dendrochronology, the study of the growth rings of tree trunks.

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  • Mulino Zeni

    Sorne di BrentonicoMulino Zeni

    An ancient mill, still perfectly functioning, in Brentonico. Of the more than 1,000 historic mills in the Trentino territory, used to grind cereals, Mulino Zeni is one of the few which still functions perfectly.

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  • Villa Romana di Isera

    Una villa urbano-rustica sul tracciato della Via Claudia Augusta. Scoperta poco dopo la Seconda guerra mondiale, la Villa Romana di Isera è un unicum nel suo genere in tutto il Trentino Alto Adige.

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