Exhibition market Gresta Valley

Where? Val di Gresta


The organic vegetable garden of Trentino on display for a month

Five weekends to buy the organic products of the Gresta Valley. Scheduled workshops for adults and children and guided walks to discover the valley.

As usual the organic garden of Trentino is also this autumn on display!

In Val di Gresta an annual exhibition market with important cultural and food events is organized between September and October to make people discover high value vegetables such as cabbages, potatoes, carrots cultivated using organic farming.
Five weekends to visit the vegetable gardens of the valley and the vegetables that have the scent and the flavour of the past.

Every Saturday and Sunday from 9.00am until 6.00pm, you will be able to buy the organic products of Gresta Valley by the Consorzio Ortofrutticolo (Fruit and Vegetable consortium)

Workshops, guided walks and meetings will be divided in several themes, that will change every weekend:

  • 19-20 September  “The land of organic agriculture“
  • 26 e 27 September “The handicraft and the old crafts: yesterday and today”
  • 3-4 October “ Healthy nutrition, recycle and reuse ”
  • 10-11 October “ Wandering between the labs of Gresta Valley” ”
  • 16-18 October “By the Fruit and Vegetable consortium ”


Download the plan to have detailed information about the Exhibition Market Gresta Valley!

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Comitato Mostra Mercato Val di Gresta

Via del Car, 50 – 38060 Ronzo Chienis (TN)


M: 368 3071855 - 333 2573340




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