Trentino Ski Sunrise

Where? Baita Montagnola, Polsa/Baita Costapelada, San Valentino


Snow and breakfast at sunrise

The experience of enjoying sunrise behind the skyline of Natural Park Monte Baldo

Trentino Ski Sunrise

The emotion of seeing sunrise in the Natural Park Monte Baldo for an unforgettable sunday. The excursion of Sunday 28. January starts from Polsa di Brentonico to reach Baita Montagnola, on Sunday 25. February the path will lead us to Baita Costapelada starting from San Valentino di Brentonico.

You can reach the alm with alpine skis, with an easy guided walk, through beech woods and charming clearings.

Along the walk you can enjoy a beautiful panorama ranging from the peaks of Monte Altissimo and Dolomiti del Brenta  to the lights of the city of Rovereto. At your arrival to the hut,  you will find a burning  fireplace  and the typical rustic atmosphere of the chalet.

Here you can have  a rich breakfast with the sweet and savory delights of Strada del Vino e dei sapori del Trentino.

Possibility to rent alpine ski equipment:

€ 25.00 daily rate
€ 40.00 weekend rate

28. January – Baita Montagnola

  • At 6:15 – Meeting point in front of Camping Polsa
  • at 8:00 – arrival to Malga Montagnola, where you will have a rich and healthy breakfast with local products.
  • at 9:00 – it is time to return to the valley.

25. February – Baita Costapelada

  • At 6:45 – Meeting point in San Valentino, loc. Mosee, in front of the chairlift.
  • at 7:30 – arrival to Malga Costa Pelada.
  • 7:30-8.30 –  You can have a rich and healthy breakfast with local products
  • at 9:00 – it is time to return to the valley.

Info and map

Ufficio Turistico di Brentonico

Via Roma, 60
38060 – Brentonico (TN)

T: +39 0464 395149

Subscriptions are open until 12.00pm of 27/01 for the excursion of 28. January and until 12.00pm of 24/02 for the excursion of 25. February.


  • Natural Park Monte Baldo
  • Protected areas of Trentino

Opening time

Departure at 6:15am to Baita Montagnola, at 6.45am to Baita Costapelada.


€ 18 per person

Children min. 10 years old

The event requires at least 10 participants.

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