The perfect occasion for unique purchases, outdoors

Discover the weekly markets and fairs of Rovereto and of the towns of Vallagarina. Browse the stands for your shopping outdoors! Don’t forget to visit the food and wine stands, where you can also purchase typical and organic products.

Are you a collector of second-hand things, or do you love all things vintage? Don’t miss the chance to dig up unique pieces at the Rovereto‘s “Mercatino d’Altri Tempi” and Villa Lagarina‘s “Cerc’Antico”. Here you can find collection material, jewelry, books, notebooks, artisanal objects, decorative objects, hobby items, dry goods, hand-made folk objects, ceramics and terracotta items, salt paste items, frames, coins, stamps, postcards, toys, period-piece prints and… many other curious objects. Experience the pleasure of owning objects which still breathe the past!

Mercatino d’Altri Rovereto, historic center The 1st Saturday of every month (except January) from 9:00 to 18:00
Cerc’Antico Villa Lagarina, Piazza Santa Maria Assunta Every 3rd Sunday of the month from 8:00 to 17:00

Here are the weekly markets of Rovereto and Vallagarina!

Day Location Period
Monday Besenello Weekly
Monday Pomarolo Weekly
Tuesday Ala Weekly
Tuesday Brentonico Weekly
Tuesday Nomi Weekly
Tuesday Rovereto Weekly
Thursday Calliano Weekly
Thursday Mori Weekly
Friday Mori Weekly
Friday Mori Weekly
Sabato Ala Weekly
Saturday Ronzo Chienis Weekly
Saturday Volano Weekly

Remember that the weekly markets are usually only in the mornings!

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