Bertolini Michele Azienda Agricola

Biogical giant blueberry in trentino

Azienda Agricola Bertolini Michele is one of the first organic farms, which introduced the giant blueberry cultivation in Trentino

They import the Giant blueberry on Monte Baldo in 1999 and it is considered to be the “king” of berries because is much larger than wild blueberries. They also added the cultivation of raspberries, blackberries and white-wine-grapes Müller Thurgau. Afterwards besides the sale of fresh products, they also have a processed-goods line to complete their business; in fact they also produce fruit-Jam, Nectars, Syrups and fruit– Jelly.

You can find their products in specialized fairs or markets or, better, you can call it!

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