Pietra Castle

Meeting point in Trentino on the ancient boundary line

Welcome to Pietra Castle, a corner of the Middle Ages, north of Rovereto. Discover the fortress that only Napoleon managed to conquer, and choose the castle for your special events.

Pietra Castle stands at the foot of Castel Beseno in the town of Calliano, north of Rovereto.

The name recalls the boulders which fell from the overlying Cengio Rosso, on which Pietra Castle¬†was built and expanded over the centuries. The castle has its origins in the Middle Ages. Different styles converge in the structure, but it is obvious upon first glance, that its main purpose is defense and control of the territory. Castel Pietra’s historical importance derives mainly from its strategic location: its massive walls once stretched as far as the Adige River, allowing the control of the Imperial road. For many years, until the final defeat of Venice in the early 16th century, the castle stood at the border between Tirolo and the Republic of Venice.

This location rendered the castle the scene of important battles, such as the Battle of Calliano of August 10, 1487, in which the Venetian troops, under the command of warlord Sanseverino, were heavily defeated. Between the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, Castel Pietra was the seat of important conflicts between Napoleon’s Frenchmen and the Austrians. In 1796 Napoleon Bonaparte had cannons transported halfway up Cengio Rosso, and, unable to defend themselves from a bombardment from above, the Austrian troops were forced to surrender. Castel Pietra was severely damaged during both the First and Second World Wars.

The castle has belonged to the same family since 1738. Through the centuries, it has endured bombings and thievery, but it is well-preserved even today, thanks to the care of the people who have inhabited it. The first phase of an important restoration has just been completed, and the castle is open for guided visits and events of various kinds: conventions, seminars, photo shoots, events, dinners and weddings.


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Pietra Castle

Via Castelpietra, 1
38060 Calliano (TN)

M: +39 335 5882892



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The castle is private property and can be visited only under appointment by phone or by website www.castelpietra.info.

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