Castellano Castle

Ancient episcopal estate in Trentino

Castellano Castle is a fortified residence in a panoramic position, with a long wall which runs down the slope to the Watch Tower.

Together with Corno Castle and Noarna Castle, Castellano Castle, was Trento’s episcopal headquarters and served as protection of the ancient roads leading to Lago di Cei.

In a panoramic location, it can be seen from the entire valley floor. You can reach it in just a few minutes by turning onto the provincial road number 20 Villa Lagarina – Lago di Cei, near the Rovereto Nord autostrada exit.

Conquered by the Castelbarco family in the middle of the 13th century, it then passed into the hands of the Lodron Counts in 1456, who transformed it into a magnificent residence. Today the manor is property of the Miorandi family of Castellano. Its most noticeable feature is the long wall which runs down the slope to the Watch Tower.

In the summer the castle’s shadow falls onto the stage of one of the most-loved local events, Castelfolk, a green event with good music, excellent wine and typical Trentino cuisine.


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Castello di Castellano

38060 Castellano (TN)

T: +39 349 7119977

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The castle is privately owned and can only be visited by telephone agreement.

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