Church of Santa Maria Maddalena

In the Terragnolo Valley, a place of worship on a rocky hill

The Romanesque church of Santa Maria Maddalena is located above the Puechem hamlet of Terragnolo, at an altitude of 925 m. A small treasure of pictorial art: well-preserved frescoes from the fourteenth century inside.

Destination for short excursions, the church of Santa Maria Maddalena is one of the most evocative places in Terragnolo, from whose hill you can admire a magnificent view over the entire valley and the surrounding mountains: Monte Altissimo in the Baldo Park, the Ledro Alps, the Biaena; the Finonchio, the bumps of Serrada, the Maggio and Pasubio mountains.

A mix of medieval and contemporary architecture

The building, built with local stones, is made up of two distinct buildings: the oldest from the Middle Ages and the most recent from the 1930s. The ancient facade is preceded by a deep portico supported by large circular masonry pillars, under which there is the main portal and two rectangular windows.

A treasure chest of fourteenth-century pictorial art

The oldest part of the church is a small but valuable testimony of sacred architecture of medieval origin, a manifestation of the religious belief and devotion of the people, and a rare example of fourteenth-century pictorial art surviving in Trentino. It preserves a Romanesque window and precious frescoes, commissioned by the lords of Castelbarco in the first half of the fourteenth century, depicting St. John the Baptist and a group of saints, attributed to a follower of the Venetian Giottesca current. Further murals executed in tempera on plaster are visible on the east wall of the nave and on the back wall of the presbytery.


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