Hermitage of San Colombano

Architectural wonder on a sheer cliff above the stream Leno

The hermitage is located in Trambileno, 3 kilometers far from Rovereto, and can be reached by climbing up a short path and a stairway of 102 steps carved into the rock.

The hermitage of San Colombano is built halfway up a sheer cliff face of approximately 120 metres high.

Sheltered by a roof of natural rock, it is dedicated to the saint who, according to legend, as a young knight killed the dragon that caused the death of children baptized in the waters of the river Leno below.

The Hermitage appears to have been inhabited since 753, the construction of the church and the annexed hermitage dates back to the tenth century.
The opening of the hermitage to the public is managed by a group of volunteers from the Comitato Amici di San Colombano (Friends of Saint Columbanus Committee).

The Hermitage is the starting point of the route “The treasures of Trambileno”.

Dogs: access to the Hermitage of San Colombano is not allowed.


Info and map

Hermitage of San Colombano

38060 Trambileno (TN)



Opening time

The Hermitage is closed for restoration work that will be completed in late summer 2024.

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