Hermitage of Santa Cecilia

A breathtaking view on the Valle dell’Adige

In the town of Volano, a short walk from Castel Pietra, you find this hermitage with a breathtaking view of the valley, from Trento to Rovereto.

Leaning against the imposing cliffs of Cengio Rosso, the solitary dwelling has two small rooms: one serves as a storage room, the other as a kitchen for visitors.
The hermitage of Santa Cecilia is located in a place so evocative that, although it may not compete with that of San Colombano in age and architectural form, it certainly surpasses it for its daring location.

Built in 1611 thanks to popular devotion, the church still welcomes the community of Volano on August 5*. Faithful to a fervent tradition, every year on that day citizens process up to the hermitage to attend Mass.

The origin of this custom is shrouded in mystery. The date coincides with that of the famous vow made by the inhabitants of Rovereto to Maria Santissima Ausiliatrice for having saved them from the invasion of the savage French troops of General Vendôme. When they arrived in Vallagarina in 1703, they remained on the right bank of the Adige, setting fire to Val di Gresta, Mori and the towns of Isera, Nogaredo, Villa Lagarina, Pomarolo and Nomi, sparing only Rovereto.

If you want to see the Hermitage from afar, you can drive to the town of Sant’Antonio, going up the road to Monte Finonchio, you will find a square with a fountain where you can park. Then continue walking on the firebreak, which is on the left before the square, until you reach a lookout point with a great view of the Hermitage.

Info and map

Hermitage of Santa Cecilia

38060 Volano (TN)

Opening time

Opening days of the Hermitage in 2024:

  • Sunday 26 May
  • Sunday 16 June
  • Sunday 21 July
  • Monday 5 August (Hermitage Festival)
  • Sunday 25 August
  • Sunday 15 September

Should unfavourable weather occur on one of the above dates, the Hermitage will be closed.

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