The Church of San Marco

This church is home to the organ used in Mozarts first concert

The church, with the stone statue of the lion of San Marco standing out from its facade, dates back to the late fifteenth century.

Rovereto at that time was subject to the Venetians and the church was built in honor of the patron of Venice.
During the First World War the chuch underwent heavy damages and was repaired in 1919 with contributions from the Italian Government. In 1950, by popular.

Within the church is a nave with three chapels on the left-hand side (the frescoes are by Luigi Cavenaghi, the gilded stuccos by Pietro Calori) and nine marble altars from the year ‘700. In the centre, above the chancel, is the great fresco depicting the consecration of the city of Rovereto to Mary Ausiliatrice (August 5, 1703).

The original altar piece was destroyed during the First World War, the current one was designed by Vittorio Bressanin and portrays the Serenissima (the Most Serene Republic of Venice) presenting San Marco with a new daughter (Rovereto). Over the centuries, various organs were preserved in the choir loft: it was on one of these Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart gave his first concert in Italy, it was the 26th December 1769.

Info and map

The Church of San Marco

Piazza San Marco
38068 Rovereto (TN)

T: +39 0464 421251
M: per visite guidate: Signora Anna Maria +39 347 4818851


From Sunday the 14th of April until Saturday the 20th of April the Church is closed to guided tours. The same in the afternoon of Wednesday the 24th of April and in the morning of the 25th of April.

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