Map of the places of the Great War

A 14 stages route through the places of the First World War in Vallagarina

The itinerary starts from the War History Museum and symbolically ends at the Bell of the Fallen of Rovereto and becomes an occasion to rediscover the memory of a trench warfare, whose stories passed down from one generation to another.

During the commemorations for the Centenary of the First World War, APT Rovereto e Vallagarina/Tourist office of Rovereto and Vallagarina proposes an effort to value the knowledge of the places, which were theatre of the Great War in this part of Trentino. We invite you to discover these 14 localities, enjoying the nature that, slowly, took a destroyed land back. Today, the majestic sound of the tolls of Maria Dolens, The Peace Bell, echoes on this territory:

  • War History Museum
  • Casteldante Monumental Shrine
  • Trenches of NagiĆ  Grom
  • Mount Creino
  • Mount Giovo
  • Mount Vignola and Corno della Paura (Horn of Fear)
  • Covered trench of Marani
  • Mount Zugna
  • Entrenched Field of Matassone
  • Fort Pozzacchio
  • Trench of Edelweiss
  • Corno Battisti
  • Military Cemetery of Geroli
  • Bell of the Fallen

Every participant should go to all the localities indicated on the map, where they will be able to visit monuments, artifacts and memories of the Great War in Vallagarina.

You can follow the route according to your favourite order, you can also alternate the localities, but you should complete all the boxes of the map, including those that are dedicated to accommodation and restaurants. If you finish the itinerary until 31.12.2017, you will receive a little pack of typical products of the territory as a gift. A selfie taken on each one of the localities included on the map will value as a proof of the real visit to the places!

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