Italians Fronts of Monte Baldo

Walking through the Peace Path in the Nature Park of Monte Baldo

When the First World War began the Italian troops rapidly occupied the main parts of the north side of Monte Baldo, ensuring a privileged observatory on the enemy stationing of the valley floor and in Val di Gesta.On Monte Altissimo also worked the Cyclists and Drivers Volunteers Battalion, where some of the most famous exponents of the futurist movement: Marinetti, Boccioni, Sironi e Russolo were set. There are still ruined rests of military manufactures: trenches, streets, refuges, barracks, and stationing of anti-aircraft artillery. The main entrance for men and vehicles is today used to reach the Damiano Chiesa refuge, from which you can enjoy a stunning view on Lake Garda and Local Nature Park of Monte Baldo

On the opposite side of the Park, Monte Vignola overlooks the entire Vallagarina. In that strategic position the Italian infantrymen added new constructions to the works previously built by the Austro-Hungarian Army: galleries and stationing of anti-aircraft artillery, barracks and a wide watershed to collect rain water.

Not far, along the crest of the mountain covered by the Peace Path, there is a suggestive pass on the Corno della Paura (Horn of Fear) overhanging the valley.Near two galleries, there are still ruins of the cableway to transport supplies from the valley floor.In occasion of the Centenary of the Great War an intelligent restoration brought to light another site of huge dimensions but nearly forgotten, that was part of the circle of the Italian defensive stationing. Near the town of Castione the trenches and the galleries of Monte Giovo were renovated inside the project “One territory two fronts”.

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