Edelweiss Trenches

Historical testimonies at the slopes of Mount Zugna

Near the village of Foppiano, on the west side of Vallarsa, a long line of trenches rises up to Monte Zugna.

In 1915 the Austro-Hungarian army abandoned Vallarsa, which in the first months of the war was occupied by Italian troops. During the Spring Offensive, the Austro-Hungarian army tried to break through the lines and force the Italians to fall back into the plain.
Following the failure of the offensive, the Italians regained Matassone while the Austro-Hungarian army set their first line near Val del Restel, where they built a series of trenches from Zugna Torta to Leno and again uphill on Monte Testo. The trench is called Edelweiss for the presence of an alpine star above the entrance of one of the many caverns found on the ridge.

This posts were recovered thanks to the restoration operations promoted by the association “Pasubio100anni” in cooperation with ANA and SAT. It’s available an APP for smartphones and tablets that can be downloaded  from  the website of the association or from PlayStore.

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