Memorial Stone of Serravalle

After four years of biting combats, the hope of peace is given to a thin white flag raised through the smoke of weapons

Near Serravalle, in the town of Ala, a marble memorial stone reminds the exact place where, on 29. October 1918, a delegation of the Habsburg Army raised the white flag, asking the enemy to suspend combats. The delegates were received in Villa Malfatti in Avio and in Villa Guerrieri Gonzaga in Borghetto, from where they were later moved to Villa Giusti in Padua, where, on 3. November 1918, the armistice was signed.

Not far from the memorial stone are located the numerous testimonies of the presence of the Italian Army, that, since that moment, hasn’t shot anymore.

In La Villetta, close to Chizzola, you’ll meet a wide gallery, where troops used to find a refuge from bombardments. In Marani localty you will be able to see a long covered trench, that crosses the vineyards and reaches the foot of the mountain.

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