Rovereto Planetarium

Observation of the night sky and voyage of discovery of the universe

A unique structure in the province, completely renovated with a spectacular new design

The Planetarium is the ideal tool for both the public and schools to better understand the laws that make the sky appear as we see it. With its six-metre diameter dome, it can host up to 40 visitors!

In addition to its educational value, the Planetarium is a special place, where one is confronted with the magic of a sky perfect for night-time observation. It is a sophisticated instrument that joins the Monte Zugna Astronomical Observatory in unveiling the mysteries of the starry sky.

The structure can reproduce a realistic sky in a room, projecting the different celestial objects and their apparent motions. It is possible to observe the diurnal path of the Sun, from dawn to dusk, the arrival of night and the appearance of the stars, the effect of the Earth’s rotation at different latitudes, the astronomical seasons, the explosion of a supernova, the shape and motion of a galaxy similar to the Milky Way, the constellations of the Zodiac, the planets of the Solar System and the Moon.


New exhibition route around the dome

At the beginning of 2022 the new exhibition route of the Planetarium of Rovereto was inaugurated: an immersive and interactive display that involves not only the eye, but also touch and hearing!

The exhibition is divided into three very different spaces, dealing with the history of space exploration, the elements of the solar system and what lies outside it: stars, nebulae and galaxies.

The route, designed by the museum in collaboration with We-exhibit in Venice, opens with a faithfully reconstructed copy of the Hubble telescope based on Nasa drawings.

The journey through the Universe begins by entering a typical spaceship environment, which recounts the main stages of robotic and human exploration of Space.

It then passes through the Solar System, where all the planets of the solar system are encountered with their characteristics, reconstructed to scale especially for the museum, finds from meteoric events and a real lunar meteorite to touch.

The route ends with a wormhole, a section on deep space where you encounter objects that are increasingly distant, surrounded by nebulae, clusters of stars and galaxies, to go further and further into the Universe.

The main themes are explored with a focus on interplanetary travel, research on space stations, and the most recent discoveries in the field of astrophysics. Complex themes but translated into a language accessible to everyone, thanks also to effective multimedia supports and VR visors.

There is also a special path dedicated to six female scientists who have made great contributions to astronomy and space science.

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