Pasubio and Piccole Dolomiti

Nature and history of Valli del Leno, in Trentino

Walk along historic pathways, visit the Museum of Rural Life in Vallarsa, the hermitage of San Colombano and Forte Pozzacchio in Trambileno and the old Venetian sawmill in Terragnolo.

Vallarsa and Valli del Leno: boundary areas between Veneto and Trentino, on the road that connects Rovereto to Vicenza. In these valleys you can engage in mountain trekking and mountain biking and discover alpine shepherd’s huts and mountain pastures.

Vallarsa is surrounded by the peaks of Mount Pasubio and the Piccole Dolomiti. Traversed by the frontlines of WWI, the vestiges of war events are evident in the trenches, tunnels, military roads and fortresses such as Forte Pozzacchio, completely made in the rock and Forte Matassone, which we invite you to visit with the help of a Territory Tourist Guide. It’s no coincidence that the heart of the Path of Peace, which crosses the European path E5, is located here. Just beyond the “Pian delle Fugazze” pass, on the border between Veneto and Trentino, visit the “Sacrario Militare”, a memorial to the victims of the Great War.

The Museum of rural life in Riva di Vallarsa, together with the ancient water mill in Arlanch, is a cross-section of rural history in the valley.

The lake of the Poiani is ideal for a family picnic. Here you can go fishing, as well as in the crystal-clear waters of the Leno.

In summer the large sports center is the preferred destination of important football training camps. In winter, snowshoes tours are the best way to explore this quiet valley, still unknown to mass tourism.

The hermitage of San Colombano, perched on a steep wall overlooking Leno, and the Santuario della Madonna delle Salette, watching over the populace from above, are the holy places of Trambileno. Discover them with a pleasant walk along a trail crossing streams, pastures and woods.

Do you love prehistory? Along the galleries of Monte Testo, you will see traces of the passage of the dinosaurs.

Terragnolo is unique in every period of the year. The seasons color it, they mark it. Every moment is ideal to discover this territory between nature and terraced landscapes. Among its many villages you can walk on different itineraries, wonderful walks in the shade of Scotch pines, ash trees and hornbeams among the dry stone walls and the “casote dei vignai”. An ideal place to free your mind from the stress of everyday life. There you can admire the unspoiled landscape of Maso San Giuseppe and the wonderful view from the ancient medieval church of Santa Maria Maddalena. Near the Maso, we suggest you visit the old Venetian sawmill and the Austro-Hungarian cemetery, testimony of the Great War in the Terragnolo valley.

The Alpe di Campogrosso, near the Piccole Dolomiti, offers breathtaking landscapes both in winter and summer. Walk through the pastures and huts in the shade of the Baffelan and the Piccole Dolomiti that offer climbing routes, via ferratas and spectacular trails from which on clear days you can even see the Adriatic Sea. In summer, a shuttle bus service is available from Passo Pian delle Fugazze to Campogrosso.

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