Vallarsa, between the rocks and the sky

Trekking and sports fishing with a view on Pasubio and the Little Dolomites

Located between Rovereto and Vicenza, Vallarsa is a wild and lonely valley in Trentino. Historical mountains, from the customs of the rural life to the memories of the Great War.

Vallarsa is the valley of Leno that connects Rovereto to the province of Vicenza. Here you can go on excursions along the paths of history , engage in catch and release, rediscover the customs of rural life and eat in Alpine shepherd’s huts and refuges, where you will find honey, wine, cheeses and salami, typical local products .

If you want to go trekking on the paths of history, in fairy-tale settings, you’re spoilt for choice. The Path of Peace runs along the frontline of the Great War, from the trench of Monte Zugna to Passo Buole, to the Carega massif with the breathtaking peaks of the Little Dolomites. From the “Pian delle Fugazze” pass, it continues to the Road of the Heroes, until it reaches the peak of Monte Pasubio, the Italian and Austrian-Hungarian “jags”, the basin of Lancia and Colsanto. Travel along the evocative Strada delle 52 Gallerie. It leads to refuges and Alpine shepherd’s huts with magnificent vistas. If you’re looking for a shorter route visit the fortified encampment of Matassone, one of most visited war sites of Vallagarina.

Do you love botany? We’d like to draw your attention to the local endemic species, such as the Primula Vallarsae, described by botanists Prosser and Scortegagna about ten years ago, which is only found between the rocks of PrĂ  degli Angeli in Gruppo di Cima Posta.

The torrents of Leno and the green waters of the Lake of Pojani, where you can see the reflection of the Little Dolomites, are ideal for sports fishing or for a family picnic.

In Riva di Vallarsa the Museum of rural life gives you a glimpse rural history in the valley: in one of two head offices you’ll find olden-day farming tools, in the other accurate reconstructions of the rooms of the farmhouse.

The summer excursion “Tra gusto, natura e preistoria” is an original and pleasant chance to discover Vallarsa. In Camposilvano the “Ganzega del Bosco” is a fascinating event held every summer to rediscover the ancient customs and traditions of woodcutters.

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