Trambileno, amid forts and sanctuaries

Visit the fort of Pozzacchio & the hermitage of San Colombano, dug out of rock

In Trambileno visit holy places and travel along the itineraries of the Great War in Trentino

Trambileno, “Between the two Leni”, is one of the municipalities of Valli del Leno together with Vallarsa and Terragnolo. To visit it take the road that goes from Rovereto to the Lancia shelter.

This is the starting point for numerous trips on the mountains of the Great War, towards the panoramic peaks of Colsanto, of Monte Testo, of Corno Battisti and of the sacred area of Palon.

The Fort of Pozzacchio, entirely carved out of the rock and recently renovated, is an unmissable testament of the First World War. We would like to mention that Trambileno organizes two memorial events: the commemorations of Corno Battisti and of the Fort of Pozzacchio.

A short distance from Lancia, traveling the galleries of Monte Testo you can see dinosaur footprints.

We recommend a visit to the evocative hermitage of San Colombano, perched above the torrent and which you can also see from the road that goes from Rovereto to Trambileno. From the hermitage you can go to the characteristic Sanctuary of the Madonna De le Salette that, set in a quiet pine forest, dominates the valley.

Don’t miss out on the “Marcia sul Pasubio”, a non-competitive foot race held in summer through meadows, forests and Alpine summer pastures in Monte Pasubio.

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