Val di Gresta, organic area of Trentino

The poetry of earth from Mori to Ronzo-Chienis

Mountain biking, paragliding, walking, horse riding and organic cuisine in the garden of Trentino: the breezes of Lake Garda lull your holiday in Val di Gresta!

Val di Gresta, the ancient parish of Gardumo, stretches from the basin of Lake Loppio to Monte Stivo (over 2,000 mamsl). It includes the municipalities of Mori and Ronzo-Chienis.

On your mountain bike you can ride from Santa Barbara up to the pastures of Passo Bordala, at an altitude of 1,300 meters. You’re in the spectacular circuit of Mountain&Garda Bikes: follow the marked trails between the characteristic terracing, in full respect of the territory and the environment.

Biking isn’t your thing? Then relax in nature, take a stroll or go on horseback, engage in hang-gliding and paragliding and enjoy the simple beauty of a rural holiday, in the silence of a picturesque valley.

The trenches of Nagià Grom, Monti Biaena and Creino are a reminder that the frontline of the Great War was located here. Find out more about these places, perhaps with a guided visit with the experts of the Italian War Museum!

If you like the organic cuisine, don’t miss out on the autumnal event “Mostra Mercato della Val di Gresta”: potatoes, cabbages and carrots take center stage at this great harvest festival in Ronzo-Chienis. In Mori, instead, you can celebrate the end of the harvest with the “autumn Ganzega”!

Experience nature and animals with your little ones: visit a teaching farm and go on a donkey trek, a veritable soul therapy!

And, before going back home, come in and have a look at the Fruit and Vegetable Consortium of Val di Gresta. You will leave with a bag full of sauerkraut, cabbages, carrots, chicory, potatoes: the organic vegetables of this valley are truly irresistible!

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