Mori, between Rovereto and Garda

A spectacular “via ferrata” near the Montalbano shrine

Stop at Mori, on your bike ride toward Lake Garda. Walk in the trenches of Nagià Grom, participate in the “autumn Ganzega” and enjoy the panorama from the sanctuary.

Mori is traversed by a bike path that leads to the Lake Garda, skirting the biotope of lake Loppio. Facing Monte Baldo and sheltered by the Val di Gresta, it’s one of the most important towns of Vallagarina.

With its thirteen hamlets, Mori encopasses the wide territory of the Valle del Cameras with a prized historical, archaeological and artistic heritage. The old town center is located around via Teatro, which takes its name from the lovely town theater and houses many Eighteenth century buildings, among which are the palazzi Delaiti, Salvadori and Salvotti. Among the most important buildings, the deanery of Santo Stefano (XII century). Not far from the town, stands the bell tower and the ruins of the romanesque church of San Biagio (XI century), with a beautiful vista of Vallagarina.

The area is rich in prehistoric sites, including the “Grotta del Colombo” and is dominated by the hill of Nagià Grom. Thanks to the considerable restoration work carried out by the Gruppo Alpini di Mori, you can visit the trenches secured with a grid, the caves, shelters, the artillery and observation posts.

Another must-see is the Montalbano Shrine, built in 1556 and dedicated to the Madonna dell’Annunziata. Near it you will find the renovated “via ferrata” and the boulder climbing park, ideal for the more experienced climbers.

Mori offers an interesting season of prose and tourist events for all age groups. Rich in cultural, sports and recreation associations, each year it hosts festivals and large events, such as the Festival of Spring and the Autumn Ganzega.

Info and map

Mori City Hall

Via Scuole, 2
38060 Mori (TN)

T: +39 0464 916200
F: +39 0464 916300

  • Giro d‘Italia Città di tappa
  • Comune di Mori
  • Parco Naturale Locale Monte Baldo

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