Nogaredo, the town of “le strie” (witch trials)

The echoes of the witch trials at “Calendimaggio”, grappa and wines of Trentino

In Nogaredo, the town of the witch trials, in Trentino, discover the grappa of the Marzadro Distillery, the wines of Castel Noarna, and the witch trials narrated at “Calendimaggio”.

Nogaredo, a small Trentino village on the right bank of the Adige River, in Vallagarina.

Just a few minutes from the Autostrada Exit Rovereto nord, stop at the Marzadro Distillery for a taste of the fragrant grappa which is exported world-wide, while the family who has produced it for generations tells you of its history.

Then head toward the village, where you will hear echoes of the witch trials (le strie) of the 17th and 18th Centuries. Today this history, flanked by tradition and legend, is narrated in a festival celebrating the beginning of Spring: il Calendimaggio delle “strie” di Nogaredo (The May Day of the Nogaredo’s “witch trials”).

During the festival, take a look at the luxurious halls of Palazzo Lodron, a historic residence built beginning in the late 15th century.

Once the property of the Londron family, Castel Noarna, is a fascinating castle dating back to the 11th century, and is completely surrounded by vineyards. If you love good wine, here you can purchase some select bottles.

In the surroundings of Nogaredo, you will find the small and charming residential areas of Santa Lucia and Molini, the communities of Brancolino, Noarna and Sasso: all villages surrounded by green countryside.

If you the athletic type, you can travel by foot or mountain bike an intertwining of paths, which cut up and across the slopes which from the town climb to the peaks of Mounts Stivo and Cornetto (2000 m).

We recommend, in particular, the le buone kalende and the sassi incantati paths.

Nogaredo is part of the “European Network of Village Tourism” project, and participates in The National Association of Cities of Wine.

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