Pomarolo, the land of apples

Admire unique panoramas of the Valle dell’Adige from an old town in Trentino

Discover the ancient origins of this town in Trentino, from the ruins of Castel Barco to the Church of Sant’Antonio and hike up to catch a glimpse of unique vistas in Vallagarina

Pomarolo is a quiet village located in a valley and sheltered from the cold and wind, on the right of the Adige River, in Vallagarina.

Its name derives from dialect of Trentino (“pom” means “apple”) as this area is famous for its apple orchards. To this day the whole surrounding countryside is covered with apple and cherry orchards and vineyards.

A few interesting facts: some of the most brilliant minds of the Eighteenth century were born in Pomarolo such as:

  • Felice Fontana, court physicist to Pietro Leopoldo of Tuscany, buried in Santa Croce in Florence
  • His brother Gregorio, professor of mathematics at the University of Pavia, librarian and one the leaders of the Cisalpine Republic
  • Gerolamo Tartarotti, scholar and philosopher, famous in Europe for his position against witch superstitions.

Near the motorway exit Rovereto Nord, look for traces of the Romanesque period on the esplanade of Servis, find the ruins of Castel Barco and visit the church of Sant’Antonio which has been partly renovated.

Another must-see is the church of Salette, that dominates the town, the church of Savignano and the ancient church of Chiusole.

You want to peer inside the ancient porticoes of the old town center? Don’t miss the chance to do so during Cort en festa, an event that opens the doors of the town with flavourful dishes of the Trentino cuisine.

If you go up the mountain, by car, mountain bike or on foot , and you will reach two of its hamlets, Savignano and Servis . On the road that connects the two small towns, you can gaze upon the most beautiful panoramas in the Valle d’Adige!

If you love trekking pay attention to the information panels in Servis. The hilly path, which runs the whole length of the right bank of the Adige River Lagarina, and the road that leads to the mountain of Pomarolo, in the area of Cimana, begin here.

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Municipality of Pomarolo

Piazza F.lli Fontana, 7

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  • Comune di Pomarolo

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