Places of faith and peace

Churches, sanctuaries, hermitages are just some of the places of faith in this territory

Rovereto is called “The city of Peace”. How many times have you passed this way, but have you ever thought of stopping to discover the local history inextricably linked to the Catholic faith?

Vallagarina represents the southern gateway to Trentino, the first wide valley full of panoramas and suggestions, which welcome you to this region.

Intellectual personalities of great prominence on the Italian national scene were born right here in Vallagarina. To name a few: the philosopher Beato Antonio Rosmini, the musician Riccardo Zandonai and the futurist artist Fortunato Depero.

Time: 2- 3 days
Period: all year
Places: Rovereto, Valli del Leno, Vallagarina
Target: weekend for individuals / couples / families / religious groups
Thematic: culture and religion

Day 1

Your journey will start from Rovereto. Walking through the historic center you will notice that the name of Antonio Rosmini appears over and over again. This is not a coincidence. A. Rosmini represents one of the leading figures of the Catholic nineteenth century and was born right here. Corso Rosmini, the main town street that culminates in the square of the same name, is dedicated to him and walking along the street, on your left, you can admire a discreet white building.

Here, at the “Birthplace of A. Rosmini”, your journey of Faith begins. The immense library in which Rosmini collected thousands of volumes and original texts and rare editions will surely leave you speechless. Don Pangallo, today the keeper of the house, will guide you in the discovery of this incredible place that today as then, exudes culture, wisdom and knowledge from its walls.

Before leaving the city center, a visit to the Archpriest Church of San Marco is a must: a place of worship that is a symbol of the city and the people of Rovereto. The church, built in the period of Venetian domination, will welcome you in its baroque splendor with the great organ also played by W.A Mozart as a child during a great concert.

At the end of the visit to the Church of San Marco, the route can continue towards the Hermitage of San Colombano reachable only with a staircase of over 100 steps carved out of the rock itself. This place represents one of the most fascinating and hidden places in the territory of the Municipality of Trambileno. A few minutes from the historic center of Rovereto this place is the destination of many local and non-local pilgrimages, it will amaze you for its location halfway between the rock and the sky, overlooking the Leno stream from which the small valleys that connect the Trentino and Veneto, the Leno Valleys in fact.

Walking from the Hermitage of San Colombano through the woods you can continue through the Leno Valleys. You will then reach the Sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna de La Salette, whose construction the entire Christian community of the Leno Valleys participated with enthusiasm and passion.

But if this is not enough for you or you are not tired of discovering the places of worship in the area, the last stop for this day will be at Pian del Levro, the house-church of the monastic community Fraternità di Gesù stands in the isolated and homonymous (Trambileno). Recently (2009) it became the seat of the prayer community.

Day 2

After a healthy rest in one of our welcoming accommodations and restaurants, your journey will continue across the Adige River. Arrived in Borgo Sacco, once an area of ​​commercial exchange, before crossing the bridge that will lead you to the right Adige, an area of ​​vineyards and gentle slopes, the first stop will be at the church dedicated to St. John the Baptist, another jewel of the time baroque town.

Continuing the route you will cross the Adige river reaching the village of Isera from which it will then be possible to reach Villa Lagarina, your next destination. You will find the Church dedicated to S. Maria Assunta, a real baroque jewel of the area that was born to celebrate the political and economic wealth of the Lodron Counts, an ancient and noble family that dominated the area.Not far from here you can also admire the Palazzo Libera, seat of a section of the Trentino Diocesan Museum which collects clothes, artifacts, fabrics, a true heritage of liturgical art.

But to finish this itinerary of faith, history and culture in style, following the course of the Adige river towards the south, it will not be difficult for you to see a large clock in the middle of the hill overlooking the town of Mori: the Montalbano Shrine. Dedicated to the Madonna dell’Annunziata, the sanctuary was built on the ruins of the Castle of Montalbano by the Morian community and today as then, it represents the destination of pilgrims who go to ask for the grace of the Madonna.

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