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Wine as an enhancing element of the territory

The baroque village of Ala opens the doors of its sumptuous eighteenth-century palaces, inviting you to taste the precious sparkling, white and red wines produced by the wine cellars of the area.

The protagonists of the event will be the palaces in the historic center of Ala which will become the venue for shows, exhibitions and guided tastings.

For this occasion, Palazzo Scherer and Palazzo Pizzini will become real exhibition spaces dedicated to the fascinating world of wine.

In addition, the traveling show “Mystery at Palazzo Scherer” will lead the viewer to immerse himself in the eighteenth-century atmospheres of the noble houses. The dense plots of the most illustrious characters of the Baroque era, the pleasures of wine, lust, play and pomp will lead you to solve an intricate matter where the wit of the spectator will be required who, through the tasting of Alensi wines, will denounce the murderer.

The event is organized by the Proloco of Ala in collaboration with Euposia “Billy Wine Club”, the Municipality of Ala and with the artistic direction of Lorenzo Zanghielli.

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Bacco Barocco

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Attention, this event has expired! Discover other events