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Where? Ronzo Chienis


A race for the whole family in Val di Gresta!

Biobike, pedaling with your family through the terraced fields of Val di Gresta, to enjoy the autumn’s colours and tastes in the biological garden of Trentino.

Biobike, the eco-friendly bike race has come to its IV edition and it will allow you to discover the Val di Gresta, which is a beautiful valley in Trentino, during the harvest of biological vegetables.

The pedaling is an unmissable closing appointment of the mountain bike season in Trentino, that is very attracting for international athletes too.

The start is at the public park of Ronzo Chienis at 2 pm. You are going to pedal for 20 km through the locality of Santa Barbara and the Bordala Pass in a mixed route on tarmac, lawn and dirt road. In total 1000 m of difference in altitude.

The start for the timed uphill cycle race of 3 km is at 10:00 from Pra del Lac.

For kids the Bio-Bike Mini is organized, which is a free race from 200 m to 800 m for children from 5 to 14.

Who is going to do the test e-bike ghost, could take part to the awards’ extraction, offered by Stop and Go Bike Shop. The test will give the chance to try the bikes with helper and receive information about how to use a bike with pedal assistance.

Biobike is organized by the district of Ronzo Chienis in collaboration with the German Multisports “Mad East Challenge e. V.” and with “L’Arcobaleno Carraro Team”.

Biobike is a perfect mix of nature, sport and wellness in Val di Gresta!

Info and map

Comune di Ronzo Chienis

Via Del Car, 50 – Ronzo Chienis, TN 38060


T: 0464 802062 (per iscrizioni)



Opening time

  • BioBike: 20 km start at 2 pm
  • BioBike Mini: start at 2 pm
  • Timed uphill cycle race (Uphill): 3 km start at 10 am


  • BioBike: 20 km 15 € + daily ticket (for people non-cardholders)
  • BioBike Mini: for free
  • Timed uphill cycle race (Uphill): 15 €


Attention, this event has expired! Discover other events