Concept Store Expo Rovereto

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Where? Mart, Rovereto


Feeding the Mind

Chosen along with Piazza Duomo in Trento and the peaks of the Pale di San Martino as one of the three symbolic places to represent Trentino in the Italian Pavilion at the 2015 Expo, Mart is planning a full program of events and activities to welcome the Expo in Trentino.

Concept Store Rovereto Expo is a convivial and educational space for presenting and tasting the excellent regional wines and food, an exceptional showcase to promote, to exalt and to sell the local products.

Every month, for 5 months, there will be showcased four different entrepreneurial realities, for a total of 20 companies. Furthermore, at the corner dedicated to the tasting will be organized thematic events and two tastings a month by the Chamber of Commerce of Trento – Palazzo Roccabruna.

Tastings, workshops, shows and thematic appointments dedicated to the general public and families. These will promote themes of Expo 2015 and the cultural and educating values.

Mart, loyal to his institutional mandate, proposes appointments dedicated to the Expo and events and exhibitions for people who appreciate culture and art, construing Expo as an opportunity to promote, always and with always more enthusiasm, the cultural enjoyment as an unique experience.

The Expo’s slogan “Feeding the Planet”, that in Trentino is “Feeding the Heart”, at Mart changes in “Feeding the Mind”.

Info and map

Mart di Rovereto

Corso Bettini, 43
38068 – Rovereto (TN)

T: 0464 438887
F: 0464 430827


Attention, this event has expired! Discover other events