Exhibition “Ci vuole un fiore”

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Trentino's flora: yesterday, today and tomorrow

A fantastic virtual tour of Trentino that start from the city to the top of the Dolomites to discover the main plant ecosystems and pay attention to the care of rare and protected species.

A travel in Trentino to discover plants and flowers, focus on issues such as the loss of biodiversity, special environments, changes in the landscape and extinctions due to climate change, urbanization or changes in land use.

An exhibition with a lots of digital and interactive contents that lead the visitor in a real virtual tour of the territory through touch screen tools to learn more about the rarest and most beautiful plants in Trentino and their main environments of growth.

In the botanical garden of the Museum there are many native floral species that are typical of Vallagarina and the surrounding mountains. Each plant is hosted in its own habitat of growth in order to encourage an easier recognition in nature. 

The exhibition is curated by the City Museum Foundation of Rovereto in collaboration with the Province of Trento, Società Botanica Italiana, Comunità della Vallagarina, Comune di Rovereto, Fondazione Dolomiti Unesco, Dipartimento di Ingegneria civile, ambientale e meccanica, C3A, Ordine dei Farmacisti della Provincia di Trento, AgiFar Trentino Alto Adige, Società degli Alpinisti Tridentini, Aboca and with the support of Cassa Rurale di Rovereto, Consorzio B.I.M. dell’Adige, Marzadro  and Azienda per il Turismo Rovereto e Vallagarina.

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Science and Archaeology Museum

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    • Fondazione Museo Civico di Rovereto
    • Museo di Scienze e Archeologia

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    Opening from 18th January 2021:

    from Monday to Thursday from 10 am to 6 pm – Fridays from 10 am to 8 pm



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