Festival of Meteorology

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Where? Rovereto, Via Zeni and Borgo Santa Caterina


"Meteorology: between science and technology" is the topic of the third edition of the festival held in Rovereto

Three days of meetings, conferences, didactic activities, exhibitions, expositions, laboratories, contests but also fun discussing about a type of science, which is becoming always more important in our lives.

On Friday 17th November and in the morning of Saturday 18th November there will be a series of conferences held by experts and in the meanwhile didactic and informative activities for the Festival of Meteorology in Rovereto.

The afternoon of Saturday 18th November is dedicated to a round-table talk during which different experts will discuss the problems connected to the communication of meteorology in the media.

This year there is also the possibility to talk about university education: in the morning of Sunday 19th November several professors will illustrate the offer of the Italian universities in the field of meteorology. Moreover, new graduates can show posters regarding the topic of their thesis about meteorology in the dedicated area.

There will be also plenty of artistic events and convivial moments.

The conferences and the stands of the different firms, associations and institutions will be held in the Polo della Meccatronica, headquarters of the society Trentino Sviluppo. The didactic activities will be at the City Museum Foundation of Rovereto.

Once again this festival wants to create a moment of interaction among the different realities of Italian meteorology: not only people and firms working in this field, researchers, users and meteorology enthusiasts, but also teachers, students and the public in general.

Meteoclick, the photographic contest of the Festival of Meteorology

The goal of this contest is to spread the culture of meteorology not only through words, but also through pictures; the main theme is water, in all of its different forms: from rain to hail, from rainbow to fog.

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Università degli Studi di Trento. Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Ambientale e Meccanica

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    Attention, this event has expired! Discover other events