Human Rights? #H2O

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Where? Bell of the Fallen – Colle di Miravalle


Exhibition about the value of water at the Bell of Peace

161 artists from 30 nations at this event organised by the Opera Campana dei Caduti Foundation and Spazio-Tempo Arte

Human rights: an exhibition to explain the value of water

The exhibition Human Rights? #H2O returns on the Miravalle Hill again. It is an artistic event which every year invites to the Bell of the Fallen artists from all over the world. This year, there are 161 of them and they come from 30 different nations (these numbers are growing every year) to tell the fundamental value of water.

During each edition international artists are welcomed in order to have the possibility to enjoy different points of view, even from people of other cultures.

The United Nations has dedicated 2017 to the theme of water, the most precious asset the planet has, which is cause of disputes and wars between populations. The exhibition imposes a more intense knowledge and total awareness on this subject.

HUMAN RIGHTS? #H2O asked artists to talk about water, the most important human right, in an original, meaningful and concrete way, trying to communicate to the public its nature, its strength, its sacredness and the need to protect its essence.

Water belongs to everybody; therefore we must all learn to know and respect it. Talking about water as a primary right means that we need to understand one thing: without water none of us would exist; water makes us what we are. We have to celebrate water in order to celebrate life.

Human Rights? #H2O will be open until 21st September 2017, UN International Day of Peace.


Info and map

Campana dei caduti

Colle di Miravalle
38068 – Rovereto

T: 0464 434412
F: 0464 434084


Opening time

every day 9am-7pm


adults € 4,00, 6-8 years € 2,00, free for children until 6 years.

Ticket included in the Museum Pass

Attention, this event has expired! Discover other events