Il Masetto

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Where? Terragnolo


A little farmstead where you can learn, eat and sleep

“Il Masetto” is located in Terragnolo-Valley, a place that preserves a sincere mountain character. There you can find genuine food, country hospitality and workshop in the nature for people from 0 to 99 years old.

Il Masetto

In Trentino region, specifically in Terragnolo Valley, you can find “Il Masetto” (in local dialect it means “ little farm”). Its original functions were: livestock breeding, forest use and mountain farming. The building is situated at 850 meters of altitude and is an accommodation with an historical in a forestry and pastoral context. Nearby there are also: a little Church dedicated to S. Joseph and the newly built guesthouse. The place is suitable for children and adults, they will find illustration, landscape narration, traditional cuisine, international publishing, goat breeding, environmental care, scientific dissemination, games and art.



Every course offers the unique stories of trusted producers that we choose carefully.
Our proposals are linked to tradition. Meat and vegetarian dumplings, Spätzle, Schlutzkrapfen, polenta, goulash, grilled cheese, baked rabbit, sauerkraut, sausages. “Fanzelto” is a typical product of Terragnolo, made with buckwheat flour. The bread is home-made with sourdough. Our cakes are made with apricots, apples and cinnamon, citrus fruits, chocolate, carrots and almonds.
We have 25 places in our barrel vault-room, in addiction to the 30 outside places


Six rooms
Rooms are simple, with bunk beds, a desk, a wardrobe and a window overlooking the trees. Bathrooms and showers are located on every floor. Guests can choose between: bed and breakfast, half board or full board.
2 classrooms
The upper floor has two large study rooms, equipped with tables, chairs, blackboard, internet connection, projector and heating; we organize workshops, conferences, seminars, public meetings, temporary exhibitions and book presentations (rooms bookable on request)
• A library and many bookcases. The library of images is an international collection of image books (illustrated, wordless, graphic novel, photographic) at guests’ disposal. Many books are dealing with mountains. Since 2016 we have hosted “traveling bookstores”, an exhibition of independent and selected.

The drawn mountain

Every summer: new workshops for adults, for observing and narrating the mountain landscape in an unconventional way.
Illustrators, poets, photographers, artists, professionals of natural sciences, humanities and neurosciences, mountain guides, forest keepers and to look at the mountain scenery from different points of view.


Masetto for kids

In the summer, we organize many events concerning nature. Comic are linked with geography, illustration with alpinism, photography with forestry sciences, natural sciences with printing techniques, games with geology and art with goat-milking.

New of 2018: Masetto Children Photography. Every day a different photographer, to improve children’s look. The landscape is the place to explore vision, representation and imagination.


Events of 2018

  • 75 cultural events
  • 38 workshops (for children and adults)
  • 10 workshop of landscape observation and narration
  • 2 trekking (illustrated, comic, photographic reportage)
  • 6 meeting with writers and poets
  • 5 exibitions of illustrations and photography
  • 10 independent libraries


Il Masetto: from Terragnolo to New York

In 2017, thanks to the illustrator Federica Bordoni, we started an experimental animation entitled “Welcome back Masetto!” This project was selected by “Society of Illustrators” of New York. The winner will have its own exhibition. The animation of Federica Bordoni won also the Annual Award Oro of the “Image Author Association”.


Awards and cultural network

In 2017 it took part in the project “Acción Cultural Española, AC/E” (program of internationalization of Spanish culture) and it was also selected for the project “Literatura y libro”. Masetto participated also to the following projects: Montagna Disegnata Workshop (“Drown Mountain Workshop”), Cinema Solare Itinerante (“Itinerant Solar Cinema” – linked to Cinema du Désert) and Montagne di Esperienze (“Mountain Experiences”).

Attention, this event has expired! Discover other events