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Where? Palazzo Alberti - Rovereto


Companion Robots

Collection of over 90 automata to tell the story and evolution of entertainment robots.

Companion Robots

A collection of over 90 automata to tell the story and evolution of entertainment robots.

With a collection of more than 90 robots, “I Robot – Companion Robots” offers new insights into the story, intentions, characters and curiosities of entertainment robotics. Before robots became a tool, they were born to entertain humans.


Robots on show at Palazzo Alberti Poja

Some examples of the most curious robots you will find exposed:

Karakuri Tea Serving Robot. An emblem of the Japanese Edo period with a silk kimono; it was created to carry a cup of tea to the chosen person and then return to the kitchen

Aibo ERS 111. The first real home entertainment robot marketed between 1999 and 2000; it had an extraordinary success

Robocco Pouring Beer Robot. Created by one of the largest Japanese brewery companies, it is the only robot which can act as a fridge, open a can of beer and pour it slowly into a large and fresh jug

Little Jammers Pro. Dedicated to music lovers, it is a music reproduction system structured like an orchestra, which plays a large number of jazz tracks

Pino di ZMP (2001). A robot which wish to become a man, inspired by Collodi’s Pinocchio

My Keepon di BeatBoats (2011). The robot version of the little yellow ball with eyes, known all over the world

Nao. Currently the most complex and sophisticated android available on the market. It can recognize gestures and faces, has self-contained artificial intelligence that can be programmed in different languages, and it is equipped with a voice recognition software and a lot more


Exhibition, guided tours and events

The exhibition is held in stunning Palazzo Alberti Poja, the palace used as exhibition center of the MCR Foundation. This project by Massimo Triulzi was born from the collaboration between the journalist, technology expert and robotic enthusiast, and Franco Finotti, Director of the Fondazione Museo Civico di Rovereto.

Not only an exhibition, but also a schedule full of events: from educational workshops for schools to robotics demos for the public, from books showing to thematic meetings.

Interactive guided tours

Every second and fourth Sunday of the month at 4pm there will be the possibility to take part in a guided tour of the exhibition, followed by a robotic workshop or demo which will allow you to see the exhibition robots on the move.

13 August | Guided tour + workshop about Arduino
27 August | Guided tour + demo in the arena

Every Saturday afternoon there is the possibility to take part in guided tours of the exhibition as well as guided activities of approaching robotics for kids at the LEGO® Education Innovation Studio of the MCR Foundation (booking required).

Info and map

Palazzo Alberti Poja

Corso Bettini, 41

Rovereto (TN)

T: 0464 452800



    Opening time

    Tuesday-Sunday: 9-12am and 3-6pm.
    Interactive guided tour of the exhibition every second and fourth Sunday of the month at 4pm.


    adults € 5,00, 6-18 years € 2,00.

    Free for children until 6 years.

    Ticket included in the Museum Pass

    Attention, this event has expired! Discover other events