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The New Silk Road: a bridge between civilizations that Oriente Occidente travels through again on the discovery of unknown cultural and artistic interconnections.

The New Silk Road

This is the 2018-2020 triennial theme chosen by Oriente Occidente, the festival that presents itself as a “meeting of cultures” is always attentive to the crucial connections between art and the cultural, economic and social phenomena that shape the world in which we live.

In the three year period of 2018-2020, the festival will investigate this theme, hosting leading dance companies from the East and West to deepen the artistic and cultural connections with the traces of the New Silk Road, that provides significant connections not only in Northern Europe, with Italy and Spain, but also with India, Africa and Russia.

For the 2018 edition the theme will be declared according to the “East and the European course” perspective. In particular, the evolution of contemporary dance in China, Japan, South Korea and their interconnections with Europe will be investigated through the comparison between choreographers and companies that have a certain artistic and cultural value.

Furthermore, the three year artistic project by Oriente Occidente will include:

  • The creation of a space, inside the festival, dedicated to new, young Italian dance, every year supporting three productions of choreographers, chosen from the best emerging artists at a national level.
  • A substantial program of residences for young artists made even more incisive by the recent creation by the Regional Centre for Residencies in Trentino-Alto Adige,
  • The activity, throughout the year at the CID International Centre of Dance, spin offs of the festival with workshops, masterclasses, meetings, videos and films that involve world class dancers and choreographers,
  • Speeches, a series of meetings with the top experts of intercultural dialogue accompanied with film reviews linked to the themes addressed by the Festival.

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