Painters of light

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Where? Mart Rovereto


From Divisionism to Futurism

After the first leg in Madrid, The Mart proposal is an exhibition of the major masterpieces of artists who, at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century, defined the birth of modern Italian painting.

Painters of Light. From Divisionism to Futurism

The exhibition is curated by Beatrice Avanzi, Daniela Ferrari e Fernando Mazzocca.
Co-production of Fundación MAPFRE in Madrid.

The exhibition at Mart

Through a selection of masterpieces from the collections of the Mart, enriched by prestigious public and private loans, the exhibition narrates the origins and development of Divisionism in an explicit dialogue with Futurism. Between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, Divisionism played a fundamental role in the renewal of Italian art, finding its ideal continuation in the Futurist avant-garde.
It is in this confrontation between two generations that defines the birth of modern painting in Italy.
The exhibition features more than 80 works divided in six sections:

  • Divisionism between true and symbol
  • The light of nature
  • The Symbolist declination
  • A “painting” The realist. Social commitment
  • Towards Futurism
  • The Futurist painting


The Divisionismus establish oneself in 1891 at the Triennale di Brera, with the first public effort of a group of great masters such as Segantini, Pellizza Volpedo, Morbelli, Longoni favored by Vittore Grubicy de Dragon.

From a visual revolution caused by the scientific discoveries on the breakdown of the colour and focused on the expressive power of the light, also the painted subject change pull to a modernity of themes illustrated that extended from social contents to lyrical subject bonded with the international inclination of Symbolisms.


On the revolutionary force of this new poetry and its technical basis was created, at the beginning of ‘ 900, Futurism, avant-garde movement created by the poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, who bursts onto the art scene in 1910 with the “Manifesto dei pittori” Boccioni, Balla, Carrà, Russolo and Severini. Decomposition of pointillist form and associated with that light to a vocation to the representation of movement and speed of modern life, the cornerstones of Futurist poetry, projecting the Italian art in the heart of the contemporary European artistic debate. Is this comparison between two generations that defines the birth of modern painting in Italy.

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from Tuesday to Sunday 10.00 am to 06.00 pm, Friday 10.00 am to 9.00 pm


on Monday


Adults 11 euro

Reduced-price ticket 7 euro

Free for under 14

Attention, this event has expired! Discover other events