International Festival of Archaeological Cinema

Where? Rovereto, Auditorium Melotti, Sala F. Zeni, Fondazione MCR


28. edition of Rovereto Cinematographic Festival

The Festival was born to sensitize people on the themes of the archaeological research and the safeguard of the cultural heritage.

Five days of October dedicated to the International Festival of Archaeological Cinema, the cinematographic Festival that brings to Rovereto the best of the national and international documentary production for the 28. edition.

The Festival, organized by the City Museum Foundation of Rovereto, moves archaeology from the museum rooms and the faraway sites to the great public through the cinema, with the purpose of sensitizing the public opinion on the main themes of safeguard and enhancement of the world heritage.

The movies compete for the City of Rovereto Prize/Live Archaeology (Premio Città di Rovereto/Archeologia Viva), that will be given by the public, and for the Paolo Orsi Prize, that will be declared by an international jury.

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International Festival of Archaeological Cinema

City Museum Foundation of Rovereto
Borgo Santa Caterina, 41

T: 0464 452800/820



The entrance to the shows and the meetings is free.

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