Spring and Summer at Campei mountain hut

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Where? Val del Parol, Brentonico


The terrace of Trentino with activities for both adults and children

Campei mountain hut, located on the northern side of Monte Baldo, awaits for you during Spring and Summer seasons with activities of both adults and children: yoga, shiatsu, painting sessions and guided tours.


  • 22nd of April at 15 pm

“Easter eggs treasure hunt” an activity for children


  • 1st of June, 13th of July, 4th, 24th and 31st of August, 14th of September at 17 pm

“Yoga and meditation” with Ruurd Pieter


  • 2nd June at 14.30 pm

“Posture seminary” will follow the seminary the 27th, 28th of July and the 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th of August with Roberto Sebastiano Rossi  and Bettina Knop. Limited seats available, a participation fee is required


  • 8th of June, 6th of July, 10th of August, 7th of September at 17 pm

“Yoga at sunset – free breathing” with Heinz Grill


  • 15th of June at 11 am

“Perception walking” sensorial experience in the nature. With Alissa Shiraishi


  • 15th of June

“Happy birthday Campei!” party with music and free buffet for the 10th anniversary of the mountain hut. There will also be a surprise in the late afternoon.


  • 22nd and 23rd of June

“Reflections with Paola” how to balance your body through specific parts of your feet


  • 22nd June, 20th July at 17 pm

“Hata yoga on the grass” with Adriana Piffer


  • 23rd of June and 21st of July at 7.30 am

“Awake your bike with yoga” with Adriana Piffer


  • 23rd of June and 21st of July at 14 pm

“Conversations on the grass: the art of education, “yes” and “no” with Renato Verrua


  • 23rd of June and 21st of July at 15 pm

“Yoga for adults and children” with Adriana Piffer


  • 27th, 28th, 29th of June and 11th, 12th and 13th of July

“Live the mountain hut” an experience for children within 5 and 12 years with overnight stay. Three days in the nature to learn more about farm animals, the vegetable garden, herbs gathering and cooking. Limited seats available, a participation fee is required


  • 29th of June at 17 pm

“Yoga at sunset” with Yoga Niketan Crosano


  • 29th of June and 27th of July from 14 pm to 17 pm

“Gathering wild herbs” with Ida Ferrari. A participation fee is required


  • 30th of June, 27th of July, 25th of August from 11 am to 17 pm

“Shiatsu in the open air” to enjoy some relax


  • On Saturdays in June

“Creative dance” laboratory from children from 5 to 12 years. With Luanna Molinari


  • 13th of July

“Sustainable lunch/dinner” fund collection by Il Melograno Association to support projects in Burundi and Zimbawe


  • 20th of July, 10th of August at 15 pm

“Sweet Campei” cooking laboratory for children with Veronica Miori


  • In August (date to be defined)

“Natural Cooking laboratory” with Stefania Facco


  • 3rd of August

“Water painting in the open air” with the painter Samatha Passamani. Reservation and a participation fee are required


  • 9th August at 14 pm

“Bread laboratory” with Viviane Martins to learn how to bake bread with a natural and slow fermentation without the use of yeast. Whole ancient local cereals are grinded by stone. To them seeds, nuts and spices are added to flavour the nutrient bread mixture. Knead the mixture for a long time to create an healthy and light product. A participation fee is required


  • 10th of August at 20 pm

“Tales around the fire” with Paola Farinati in collaboration with “Piccolo Blu” library. An activity for adults and children


  • 15th of August

“Kite Day” a day dedicated to the kite day


  • 23rd of August at 15 pm

“Cooking laboratory” to learn how to cook vegetables with Viviane Martins. A participation fee is required.


  • 1st of September, start from Festa village at 16 pm

“Enchanted sunsets” a guided excursion to the mountain hut and evening walk to admire the fireworks on Lake Garda. Dinner at the mountain hut and night stay (optional).


In august, on request, children from 8 to 15 years can attend the carpentry workshop and create a house-nest for birds. The workshop lasts 3 hours and starts at 15 pm.

Info and map

Campei Mountain Hut

Val del Parol

38060 Brentonico (TN)

M: 3392660030


Attention, this event has expired! Discover other events