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Where? Palazzo Alberti Poja - Rovereto


Rovereto in the First World War

Rovereto during the First World War. A “war diary” of the city, described through photography and painting.

The exhibition itinerary of the show of Palazzo Alberti, in Rovereto, recomposes the dazed face of a “denied” city, where war came, and of a territory, which is daily hurt, empty of its inhabitants, repopulated by fully uniformed people.

Attended by Mario Cossali, Paola Pizzamano, Alessio Quercioli and Maurizio Scudiero and organised by the Civic Museum in association with the Italian War History Museum and the Civic Library, the exhibition proposes a rich photographic, graphic and pictorial documentation, well-organised in many sections, that investigates different moments of the city history in time of Great War.

The story goes not only through documentary images and testimonies of the city, but also through finds, diaries and most of all drawings, sculptures, printing materials and paintings. Interesting gazes on men, who came from far places, and on a city which is destined to disappear inside the time of war.

Info and map

Palazzo Alberti Poja

Corso Bettini, 41

T: +39 0464 452800

Opening time

Opening time: Tuesday-Sunday 9.00-12.00 and 15.00-18.00

Closing time: Mondays.


  • Adults: € 5,00 for both the seats of the Civic Museum
  • Reduction (from 6 to 18 years old, over 60, disabled, groups) € 3,00
  • School groups: € 2,00
  • Children under 6 and subscribed to the Civic Museum free
  • Ticket included in the Trento Rovereto card, which can be purchased for € 20,00

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