The villages of Cribs

Where? Nomi, Pomarolo, Villa Lagarina


Cribs in the yards and villages, along the streets and in the fountains

Nomi, Pomarolo e Villa Lagarina become, for a month, the villages of cribs. A tradition of stories, identities and skills.

Cribs in the yards and villages, along the streets and in the fountains. Really beautiful artworks to be discovered walking in the historic centres of the villages in order to find hidden and marvelous corners which host the most beautiful cribs.


The magic of Christmas spreads through the streets of the historic center of Nomi in the light of over one hundred cribs. The ancient portals, the windows with iron grilles and the stone thresholds frame the works that recall the birth of Jesus using the most varied forms of expression. The visit to Nomi is even more impressive at dusk, when the lights wrap and increase the charm of the performances and give warm emotions to young and old.

Pomarolo, the cribs in the village

The village of Pomarolo, together with families, schools, associations, groups and citizens movements, celebrates Christmas by paying homage to tradition. The route, along the streets and squares of the historic center, accompanies us to discover the most ancient and evocative places of the village: courtyards, wraps, arcades, windows and fountains, decorated with twenty-seven scenes of the Nativity, which become a frame and illuminate the works art in jute, natural and recycled materials, the result of the work and passion of local artisans and artists. Among these “Pomarolo nel presepe”, a work of 1940 that faithfully represents the characteristic buildings of the village and the wooden representation, life size, made by the alpine Giorgio Munari.

Villa Lagarina, the cribs in the villages

One of the most popular folk traditions in people’s hearts: the nativity and the mystery that surrounds the birth of Jesus. Not only art and tradition: the Cribs in the Villages unites the interest for religious tourism with the crib suggestion, beauty and the rediscovery of the buildings and breathtaking panoramic views. An imaginary winter itinerary that connects the village of Villa Lagarina with the hamlets of Piazzo, Pedersano and Castellano, aimed at stimulating the curiosity and taste of beauty.
* for the visit to the cribs in Villa Lagarina it is necessary to move with a vehicle

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