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Pictures of the archive of the War History Museum .

Insidethe Torrione Malpiero in the Castle of Rovereto, a selection of pictures, taken in the first years of World War I

A selection of pictures where women are protagonists and essential part to comprehend the complexity of World War I.

16 photos describe the complexity of the social and cultural transformation registered during that tragic conflict:

  • women facing a new life, mutilated by the war, wives or mothers who lost the support of their husbands, refugees, widows
  • women represented in new and ancient working sceneries – workers, laundresses, laborers
  • in difficult but edifying activities, such as nursing
  • women photographed in distruction contexts

Hundred years after those events, we can see those transformations as a step in the women’s emancipation proecess in the italian society. And these pictures tell us of that difficoult and obstructed path.

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Historical War Museum

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Attention, this event has expired! Discover other events