If you like to get close to the mountains, so close that you can touch the rock!

Numerous cliffs to test concentration and technique; easy pitches for beginners and more challenging routes for experts. Cliffs and Via Ferrate for excitement indoors and out.

Outdoor climbing

  • Crosano Cliff (4a to 8a)
  • Noriglio Cliff (4a to 8a)
  • Besagno Cliff (5b to 7b+)
  • Nomesino Cliff (6a to 8b)
  • Pannone Cliff (6a to 8a) – temporarily closed and impracticable
  • Sas de la vecia in Acheni, Trambileno (4b to 6a+)

Indoor climbing

  • Mori Gym (after subscribing to the Mori S.A.T – For information +39 0464 911212)
  • San Giorgio Gym, Rovereto (for information, contact Alberto +39 347 5203202)
  • Rovereto Gym (Via San Giovanni Bosco – only for groups, after subscribing – for information +39 0464 490511)
  • Besenello Gym (after subscribing, to subscribe contact the keepers at +39 0464 830154)

Via Ferrata

  • Via ferrata Monte Albano – “Ottorino Marangoni”- Mori
Total heigh 425 m
Ferrata high 185 m
Total time 3 hours e 30 minuts
Route on rock 550 m
Heigh difference 300 m
Ferrata time 2 hours
Difficulty difficult
Steel rope 13 mm
  • Ferrata Gerardo Sega – Avio
Total high Approx. 900 m
Total time 6 hours
Ferrata time 1 hour and 30 minuts
Difficulty difficult
  • Cengia di Pertica – Ferrata G. Biasin – Ala – Monti Lessini
Total high varies depending on departure point
Ferrata high 100 m
Total time varies depending on departure point
Ferrata time 45 minuts
Difficulty difficult

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