Rovereto and Vallagarina: the perfect stops to reach Verona and Lake Garda by bicycle

Slow travelling along the Adige cycling track and Via Claudia Augusta, among museums and castles, art and Italian food and wine

The last stretch of Via Claudia Augusta, the ancient Roman road connecting the Danube to the Po rivers, reaches Verona and Lake Garda after passing through Rovereto and the Vallagarina.
From Salorno to Borghetto, about 90 Km down a gentle descent in Trentino, suitable for all, crossing through a countryside full of museums, art, traditions, good food, excellent wine, and a perfect climate for cycling in all seasons: pastel colours dominating the landscape in spring, the Adige river and the Ora del Garda wind  accompanying riders in summer, the harvest and the scent of Marzemino grapes playing the key role in autumn.
If you have decided to reach Verona or Lake Garda, on this page we have a few stops to suggest along the way. Let’s see which ones.

Vallagarina by bicycle: the six stops along the route

Calliano and Besenello

At the beginning of Vallagarina you’ll find Calliano and Besenello (the home of Moscato Giallo) and you can admire Castel Pietra, the setting of important battles, as well as the impressive fortified complex of Castel Beseno, the largest in Trentino, which dominates the valley from above.


Famous for its nativity scenes in the Christmas period, and for its rock concerts in summer, Nomi offers three good reasons for a stop: the Taio biotope, a paradise for bird watchers in search of migratory birds, wine cellars where you can taste the lively mountain bubbles of Trento DOC and the local reds, as well as the Bicigrill (snack area for bikers) on the banks of the Adige river.


In Rovereto you can make a double stop: in the city’s many museums, between modern and contemporary art (with the Mart – Modern and Contemporary Art Museum, one of the most important in Italy, and the Casa d’Arte Futurista Depero “Depero futurist House of the Arts“), memorial routes (the Museo Storico Italiano della Guerra “Italian Historical War Museum” and the Campana dei Caduti “Bell of the Fallen“) and science (the Museo di Scienze e Archeologia “Science and Archaeology Museum“, a place of constant experimentation and innovation).

Mori and Loppio

If you are heading to Lake Garda, with a 20 Km detour from Via Claudia Augusta, just outside Rovereto you find Mori, then you can stop at the Loppio Bicigrill  to taste the “Qualità Trentino” branded products, and then reach Nago, a wonderful panoramic spot overlooking the lake.


If, on the other hand, you are headed to Verona, just a few kilometres south of Rovereto it is worth stopping in Ala: it is a splendid Baroque village famous in the Eighteenth century for its silk velvet cloths. Here you’ll find one of the most beautiful historical centres in Trentino, as well as the Museo del Pianoforte Antico “Museum of Antique Pianos”, vineyards, and cellars where you can taste excellent local wines.


In Avio you can visit the Fai Castle (FAI = Italian Environment Trust) with its wonderful, perfectly preserved frescoes, taste the Enantio red wine in the valley’s cellars, and stop at the Ruota Libera Bicigrill  where you’ll find good food and a beautiful view, in addition to e-bike charging stations.

Information and technical assistance along the route

For further information on the territory you are visiting while on your bike, you can visit the seasonal Infopoint in Borgo Sacco, Rovereto. Here you can find all the information needed for your trip: maps, information material, etc.  Moreover, if you book your hotel through the Infopoint, you immediately get a 10% discount on the total price. If you need technical assistance for your bike, or if you want to rent one on arrival in Vallagarina, there are many rental businesses, retail stores and workshops along the route. If you love being in contact with nature, travelling slowly, the bike, and the Italian lifestyle, food, art and climate, Via Claudia Augusta, unwinding through Vallagarina, is your ideal holiday destination. For any further information, please contact us.


from 0.6 to 7.4 hours


from 5.9 to 90.8 km