Guest Card Trentino

A world of opportunity and benefits for your Trentino vacation!

For the duration of your holiday with Guest Card Trentino you can:

  • Accede to more than 40 museums, 15 castles and more than 40 tourist attractions, including the Arena of Verona.
  • Freely move in Trentino o the public transports of the territory, including trains
  • Discounts on more than 40 activities all around Trentino
  • Taste typical products in the stores of the best producers and have a 10% discount on your purchase.
  • Spare more than 350€ every week

Guest Card Trentino is effective for adults and children, for your whole stay, for at least two overnights! If you are spending only one night in Rovereto and Vallagarina, there are special conditions to receive the card.  Ask for more information directly by the accommodation you choose

Download the list of the accommodations offering Trentino Guest Card

As an alternative you can buy the Card for 40,00 € at the tourist offices of Rovereto and Brentonico, in this case the card will be effective for 7 days!

Guest Card Trentino is easy to use: show it at museums’, castles’, natural parks’ and spa’s ticket offices  to obtain the free entrance. Moreover you can use the urban and extra-urban public transports of Trentino Trasporti and the provincial trains in a unlimited way and for the duration of your holiday.

Ask for the integration with the transport card and approve the card at the railway station or directly on the means of transport!

Do you need to recharge your electric-car? Ask to APT office the “E-Car Recharger” , you can get a recharge of 100 Kwh for your holiday and there are 10 recharging-station in Trentino. The closest in Rovereto is on Corso Bettini, in front of Mart-Museum!

We remind you that in Rovereto and in Vallagarina you can have a FREE entrance to the following attractions:




You have a 20% discount on the access at the Family Adventure Park in Polsa of Brentonico and free taste and 10% discount on purchases at:

The card includes many other services all over Trentino. Discover them clicking on the map or pointing your smartphone or tablet at the QR code on the back side of the card, or join our website:, you will be able to access your personal page and to activate services that will be helpful for your reservations! 

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