Inside a treasure trove of biodiversity

What to know and do to protect this magnificent environment

To travel through Trentino is to travel through a magnificent treasure trove of biodiversity. In just a few kilometres, you can go from the Mediterranean scent of olive by Lake Garda to the majesty of high-altitude glacial environments.

30% of Trentino is made up of conserved and protected nature, with the area being home to one of Italy’s oldest national parks, two large natural parks and a successful management system for protected areas.

Our flora is wonderfully rich, with over 2000 plant species – 17 of which are native and exclusively found in Trentino. Trentino’s wildlife is unmatched anywhere else in the Alps: more than 36,000 roe deer, 30,000 chamois, 12,000 deer, about 100 bears, 26 packs of wolves, 70 pairs of golden eagles, but also ibex, bearded vultures and lynxes.

We are living proof that coexistence between mankind, flora and wildlife is possible, but highly fragile. This relationship with nature requires commitment and awareness, including from you. We therefore ask you to abide by a few crucial rules and take certain precautions when walking in the forests or hiking in the mountains.

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