The typical products of Vallagarina

Good, wholesome, superb: all qualities of the typical products of Vallagarina!

Enjoy your holiday in Trentino and explore the region. Wine, grappa, cheese, marrons and organic vegetables: savour local products along the Adige river, between Trento and Verona.

Savour the products of Vallagarina and treat yourself to an journey in the flavours and scents of Trentino. We recommend a food-and-wine tour, which will satisfy even the most demanding palate.

We begin with a mountain product, the cheese of Monte Baldo. Notice how the color is deep yellow in the summer, the lighter in the winter. Can you smell that characteristic odor? The secret of this cheese is the flowering meadows of the Local Nature Park of Monte Baldo, home to the cows during mountain grazing.

If you are visiting the Altopiano Brentonico in the month of October, discover the goodness of Castione marrons, PDO chestnuts with an unmistakable flavour and typical heart-shape. They take center stage at the Chestnut Festivalf, cultivated with natural methods, and hand-picked in the autumn, when the burrs fall to the ground.

Are you a fan of organic products? Don’t miss the annual appointment with the Exhibition Market of organic products and integrated of the Val di Gresta, the valley of the orchards. This breathtaking valley in Trentino is known for the rich variety of organic vegetables cultivated in the characteristic terraced fields. Here the plots with southerly exposure enjoy the favorable climate conditions of the nearby Lake Garda.

Before you go back home, and simply must visit the valley’s wineshops, to enjoy a good glass of Marzemino, the native red beloved even by the young Mozart. This wine finds its noblest “expression” in the two sub-areas of Isera and Ziresi in Volano. Distinguishing marks? Fruity and floral aroma with hints of violet, and bright ruby red. Remember that in Vallagarina we also produce other excellent wines and spirits, such as the Enantio, the Moscato Giallo and grappa.

Prepare your tastebuds, the gastronomy tour is about to begin! And it will continue at the table, in the restaurants of Vallacquolina, Vallagarina’s “gourmand” version!

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