Agritur El Casel Malga Mortigola

The tasty cheese of Monte Baldo Natural Park

The Agritur El Casel Malga Mortigola will be happy to host you for pleasant days outdoors in contact with nature, the farm animals and the exquisite km 0 mountain products.

The Agritur El Casel Malga Mortigola has an area of ​​22 hectares in Monte Baldo Natural Park planted with grass, pasture, vegetables, cherry trees and apple orchards. The rich tradition of milk processing is at home in this alpine landscape.

Here, the dairyman Leonardo processes the milk from his cows in the dairy of the malga from April to October, a family tradition that began in 1920 with his great-grandfather Silvio. All of these products owe their high quality to the unique environment in which this precious raw material originates, the malga, and to the well-being of its cows, carefully reared and fed with fine grasses and tasty mountain herbs.

Do you want to discover all the secrets of life in the malga? In the summer period, in July and August, take part in the educational farm to become a cheese maker for a day, or more if you decide to stay overnight at the facility.

  • Products: Milk, fresh and seasoned cheese, yogurt, vegetables, cured meat, jams, apple juice, sauerkraut and vegetables cremes
  • Tastes: On reservation
  • Group visits: On reservation

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Agritur El Casel Malga Mortigola

Località Mortigola, 4
38060 Brentonico (TN)

T: +39 0464 391484


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