Malga Streva

A corner of paradise in the heart of Vallarsa

Malga Streva is surrounded by greenery just before the Pian delle Fugazze Pass, going up from Vallarsa. Managed for years with passion by Patrizia and Maurizio, it offers excellent products obtained from the processing of goat’s milk.

At Malga Streva, over the years, the two owners have developed a real line of cheeses that includes different types, all produced with raw milk according to the traditional processing techniques: fresh and aged cheeses, but also salami and “sopresse”.

The 100 goats of the chamois breed in lactation present at Malga Streva, which graze from April to December in the Vallarsa meadows, demonstrate a unique ability to adapt to the difficult pastures of the area. These curious, inquisitive and very selective animals in their food system ensure that milk has a unique taste and a scent linked to the territory.

  • Products: Fresh and seasoned goat cheeses and cured meats
  • Tastes: On reservation
  • Group visits: On reservation

Info and map

Malga Streva

S.P. 46 del Pasubio
38060 Vallarsa (TN)

M: +39 389 1586005


Opening time

Malga Streva is open on Tuesday morning from 10 am to 12 am, the remaining days of the week by appointment only.

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