Maso Cengi – Simonini Farm

Apples, kiwi, grapes, vegetables and organic products, directly from our orchards and gardens.

Maso Cengi is owned by Fausto Simonini and Fausta Manfredi, both descendants of a farming family, who have made their legacy, which consists of fields and experience.

Maso Cengi is a certified farm which produces according to the organic agriculture method.

The farm has a very diversified production: from the apples, of which more than 10 varieties are grown (both early and late), to the grapes then to the garden vegetables:  lettuces, chicory, cabbages, tomatoes, and potatoes.

We also grow other fruits such as apricots, strawberries and blackberries.

The farm has a kitchen laboratory for the production of composts and juices, like fig jam, blackberry (seedless) and apricot jam, or tomato purée, sauerkrauts and other products derived from the fruits and vegetables  from the farm’s organic groves and gardens.

Our vineyard also produces grapes typical to the Trentino area, from which local wines are produced, such as Marzemino, Lagrein, Gewürztraminer, Moscato Giallo, Enantio and Merlot.

We are members of Vacanze con Gusto!

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