Zenatti Equine Butchery

Our equine butchery has been a typical Trentina workshop since 1950

We are about the cooking of the future, where time for cooking is always less, and the products will need to be simple, tasty and genuine.  As of today, we are the only one in all of Trentino!

Our butcher’s smoked equine rump represents a product of the Arca di SlowFood that is, a salami that is risking extinction. This salami is hand-prepared, according to tradition.

The 5kg pieces of meat are piled into vats and seasoned with a brine of salt, garlic, juniper, herbs and spices. We then place a lid and some weights on top, in order to press the meats.  The meat is left in the brine, at a temperature of 4°C, for 25 days. At the end of this time, the pieces are rolled up and packed.  The links are then hung and smoked at 60 – 80°C (using birch and beech wood) for 15 hours. The salamis are then left to rest for a week at low temperatures, then are made available for sale.

We invite you to also try our other products:

  • Sauces to eat or cook with
  • Our famous tartar to be accompanied with tasty, seasonal vegetables and crispy croutons
  • Hamburger bears and the delicious roll to the delight of children

We are members of Vacanze con Gusto 2017!

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